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Knowledge For Your Expertise

Terex Cranes offers a complete training package to your technicians and operators.

Before you register to face-to-face training, E-learning or "in company" training, make sure that you are acquainted with our training policies. Click on the "Terex training policy" to know our training policies.

Our training offers in-depth learning with practical activities, like no other in the market. Our participants will receive documentation with information written clearly and understandably. We may provide practical experiences with simulators or real equipment which will enhance the learning acquired in class.

Our Terex Training Centers are a great place to receive your partners aiming at deepening and expand your knowledge to continue in the equipment of Terex.

For information about how to get here, click on the guide "Location and Contact", to obtain more information about courses, click on the guides "Courses and Instructions" and "Training Schedule".

Terex E-Learning is an important tool to build knowledge of your technical body. These courses will guide you through the hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic and basic mechanical knowledge basis. To obtain more information about E-Learning, for technical training click here or for operational training click here.

The Terex Technical Training may also be offered in your company. These courses may be equivalent to courses performed in our training centers or customized to meet your necessities.

Training Policy


To register customers must register by filling out the registration form on the courses and enrollment tab.

The registration of the company will undergo analysis and, if approved, the client will be notified by email that his or her registration was performed successfully and that he or she will receive a password and a login to access the Terex University training management platform for E-learning or will receive the confirmation email of the face-to-face training.

The registrations to Terex University technical training are performed directly on our website.

After the participants are registered, the client will receive an email informing which was the training requested, the number of participants and which participants will be registered and the investment to the service requested.

The registration request of the subscription on its not ensures the reservation of the vacancy to the courses requested, this will undergo analysis and the client will be notified by email about the status of the request if it was approved or rejected, and if approved, they will receive in the same email the data for payment.


The Terex University trainings have a variable cost, according to the course to be performed.

The registration must be performed with advance payment.

In case of training cancellation, this must be informed at least 14 days in advance, to refund the investment. Cancellations performed 5 to 13 days before the beginning of the course will have the right to refund 70% of the value paid and cancellations performed 0 to 4 days before the beginning of the course will not have the right to refund the investment. The values which have already been paid may also be kept as credit of the client to join future courses, since informed in advance.

Terex reserves the right to cancel the training with a minimum of 14 working days before the start date of each training in case there are no registrations performed or it does not meet the minimum of participants.

Terex University is not responsible for other expenses incurred due to training cancellation, such as hotel rates or air ticket changes.


Responsibility of the client

For trainings performed at Terex University, the clients will be responsible for: