MyTerex Cranes Assistance


We appreciate your choice for Terex equipment in your applications. Our priority is the safety of the user, which is better reached through efforts performed together. In order to always ensure the safety of operators, follow the guidelines:

Product Incident Report

Terex Cranes must be notified immediately in all cases in which a Terex product is involved in an accident which leads to personal injury or death, or when substantial damage to the property has occurred.

To report an incident, call 1 877 MYTEREX.

Is your machine up to date?

The security of the users of the product is really important to Terex. Several newsletters are used by Terex to communicate important information about safety and products to resellers and owners of machines.

The information contained on newsletters is linked to specific machines using the model of the equipment and the serial number. Using the research tool above, after inserting the serial number of the machine correctly (the last 6 digits, for example, XXXXXX), it is possible to view the newsletter reference number relevant to the machine which demand immediate and compulsory work.

To receive a copy of the newsletter, please, send the newsletter reference number to: