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Cranes Technical Training

The new mission

Our experts will show you how to get the most out of your equipment.

The training programs ensure the success of your business, helping your team to work more productively.

In the trainings offered, your staff will learn how to identify potential problems promptly and to perform repairs, reducing the machine’s downtime.

Terex and its distributors network is specialized in certifying your operation and maintenance with our official training program, we may also offer programs specially shaped to meet your needs.

Face-to-Face Training

We may provide results to your operators, technicians and all the service staff.

The crane technical training group offers the best training of the industry. With more than 100 years of experience in training, service, maintenance and crane manufacturing, our instructors are well varied in their knowledge.

From operation to troubleshooting and assembly, our instructors may provide the full knowledge to your safety and satisfaction.

E-Learning Training

We offer a wide range of online training courses designed to help you build a more skilled, qualified and efficient work force.

Imagine a training program that offers all of this within “reach” of your keyboard – correct content in the correct context, extensive assessments and the most recent tools to measure the performance of your team.

Our platforms offer several options to meet your training necessities in the crane area.